Your Heart Is Your Teacher

Experience the Capacity of the Heart

Heart Centered Meditation is a simple and natural process, helping you develop your unique abilities into a fulfilling reality. Workshops involve short meditations followed by reflections and review with questions between meditations. Discussions HELP TO EASE JUDGEMENT OF OURSELVES AND OTHERS and further stimulate an experience of the heart during meditation. Heart Centered Meditation workshops are a most expedient way to benefit and grow from the effects of group meditation.



In a New York Times article, dated January 4, 2017 written by Thomas Friedman, he writes:

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Experience Heart Centered Meditation for Yourself.

Starting something like meditation can sometimes be intimidating. We have created a FREE meditation video to help get you started. This is a gift of Heart Centered Meditation that you will be able to listen to and practice on your own.

Video is hosted on YouTube - you will not be required to download anything.

Heart-Centered Meditation workshops by Mary White, founder of the Center for Psychological and Spiritual Development